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MMTC Jewellery


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Since 1996, MMTC has been manufacturing gold and silver medallions under the authorization of Government of India. Being an entity or brand under the government’s division speaks about its authenticity of producing premium quality jewellery with intricate designs. MMTC jewellery is designed with fine precision that straight away touches the hearts of the on-lookers. Collecting jewellery has always been a favourite job of every woman. Apart from the jewellery, the brand also offers gold and silver coins of different weights. MMTC jewellery designs are petite and elegant, which also carry a sophisticated look. The jewellery also contains pieces studded with precious stones and pearls. People rely on brands which are authorized by government. Therefore, purchasing gold or silver rupee notes by this brand are much liked. MMTC Gold jewellery is best in rendering the prefect look at the occasion you wear it. This attribute of the jewellery by MMTC has made it the most liked and sought after brands of the industry.