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Bracelets & Bangles Jewellery

We have a great collection of 34 Bracelets & Bangles Jewellery on sale, ranging from Rs.2139 to Rs.13003

Bracelets & Bangles

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Bracelet Jewellery Designs

Bracelet jewellery is the only piece of jewellery common to both male as well as female sexes. Bracelet is the piece of jewellery having a long history of usage dating back to about 5000 BCE. In early times, bracelets have been carved out of most obscure materials like stone, wood and bones which have evolved with time giving way to armbands, braces manilas and more modern charm bracelets. The tradition continues to this day with many amendments and refinements in place. Utilitarian apparel like a common wrist watch just forms a case in point, an extension of the traditional bracelet jewellery. In any case bracelet still retains that special charm for bracelets and has successfully survived the onslaught of time and giving way to designer bracelets, gold and silver bracelets for men and women.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets in India are a rage with both men and women. Silver Bracelets for women are especially popular among the masses and come in an array of designs. Sterling Silver Bracelets and silver gemstones bracelets feature an outstanding collection of delicately designed and trendy bracelets which are very popular among the masses and capture the fancy of the young and old alike. These captivating silver bracelets come in an array of, numerous contemporary and traditional designs with alluring patterns. These silver bracelets designs are available in India at a competitive market price. You can go for online shopping and buy silver bracelets including sterling silver bracelets through various web portals. These web portals even offer heavy discounts from time to time. These silver bracelets prices are low making these bracelets affordable without compromising on the quality.

Sterling Silver Bracelets for Girls

There is an extensive collection of dazzling silver bracelets for girls which feature alluring and trendy patterns. The range of silver plated bracelets and sterling silver bracelets for girls are fit for all occasions like formal evening parties to festive occasions and ceremonial occasions like marriage, etc. these bracelets come studded with garnets, rubies, amethyst, topaz and other precious and semi precious stones.

Sterling Silver bracelets for Men

Bracelet is one of the select accessories that the men use, in fact male bracelets are very popular among the youth and most of men usually go for 92.5 silver bracelets or sterling silver bracelets which are the all time favorites. The bracelets for men come in diverse patterns and are studded with gemstones and other precious and semiprecious stones.